IT Governance Publishing launches ‘The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems’


Ely, England, 9 January 2012 – Attitude and behavior are the biggest barriers to making changes within organizations. IT process implementation is no different. How do you do it? What is the key? What are the pitfalls? Within IT, dealing with people issues involving dialogue and changes in behavior has, in the past, been poor, but now IT Governance Publishing brings its readers the answers with this fantastic new book.

The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems, is the first of seven titles to be published by ITGP in an exciting new series – ‘Stories in transforming ITIL® best practice into operational success’. The series is designed to help readers do more than just survive. It will show them how others have dealt with similar situations; what worked, what failed and what traps to avoid.

The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems, is an innovative work of fiction that demonstrates how ITIL best practice can ensure the success of IT process implementation projects. Based on real-life, incorporating up-to-date situations, the book offers vital strategies to implement the most important aspects of ITIL into your business and to tailor them to your organization’s particular needs.

The author, Daniel McLean has worked in IT for more than 20 years, and for more than ten years has been designing, implementing and operating processes to support ITSM. In his first book published by ITGP, The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems  Daniel will help you understand:

· Your colleagues and how to obtain their commitment to your objective.

· How to communicate your goals in a way that will enthuse others.

· How to build your own credibility.

· Some of the pitfalls to avoid when dealing with leadership, peers and subordinates.

· How to encourage others within the organization to take ownership of aspects of the process.

· And much, much more.

APM Group comments "… This product reflects the guidance of the most current version of ITIL V3 … This publication is well-suited to its target audience for both ITIL practitioners and those working in IT looking for ways to improve their current environment with Incident, Problem and Change Management … It’s timely, topical and current… “

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance adds, "As we expand our portfolio into the ITSM field we are delighted to be publishing this book as part of a new and exciting series. The book, and the entire series, brings a fresh and unique approach to ITSM that sets itself apart from anything else currently available on the market. We are very much looking forward to publishing the successive books in the series over the next 12 months.”

The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems is available in multiple formats and can be purchased in local currency from the following websites:

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