IT Governance Publishing launches the first Agile SAP book on the market


Many projects that use the SAP Enterprise software follow waterfall methodologies, but these often run into budgeting and scheduling problems. In his unique book Agile SAP, Sean Robson presents the relatively new Agile approach to SAP implementation which has proven to be very successful in real-world projects.

In the past, few people would have considered running a SAP implementation project any other way than waterfall. But, as Sean points out, things are changing:
“SAP has recently endorsed the use of Agile methods in implementing SAP and has provided some guidance on using Agile techniques.”
He goes on to say, though, that if you search for ‘Agile SAP’ on Google:
“One finds that there are numerous people asking how to do Agile SAP, but no book that provides the answers.”
Thanks to Sean, that is no longer the case.

In Agile SAP: Introducing flexibility, transparency, and speed to SAP implementations,  Sean uses strategies based on the twelve principles of the Agile Manifesto, focusing on the use of Scrum and Kanban and their suitability for certain types of projects. His approach enables readers  to select the most appropriate method for the task in hand. Throughout the book, Sean gives the benefit of more than 14 years’ SAP project experience, providing practical advice on the most effective way to see your Agile SAP project through from beginning to end.

Read this book to see how Agile thinking can save time and money on your SAP project.
Agile SAP: Introducing flexibility, transparency, and speed to SAP implementations can be purchased in multiple formats from (UK) for £27.95, (US) for $27.95 and (EU) for €34,95.  
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