IT Governance Publishing launches ‘Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-By-Step Guide’


Ely, England, 21 November 2011 – Information and information technology is always a business issue, never just an IT one. Global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, Accenture, has achieved incredible results through the transformation of its IT function. It has doubled its revenue in ten years, significantly decreased its IT spending despite an increase in workforce of nearly 300%, and its number of satisfied customers is growing and growing.

Now, in this fantastic new title from IT Governance Publishing (ITGP) - Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-by-Step Guide, readers can get a detailed look into how this industry leader runs their IT organisation to deliver such results. Authored by Robert E. Kress, chief operating officer (COO) of Accenture’s high-performance IT organisation, it will let you in on some of Accenture’s secrets to its award-winning way of running IT like a business.

Reporting directly to Accenture’s CIO, Robert has the overall responsibility for running IT like a business and managing the organisation’s global IT operation with an annual budget of $700 million. His role incorporates IT governance, strategy, planning, risk management, audits and IT policy, as well as communications, business performance, finance and HR, and his extensive experience makes him the ideal person to share Accenture’s story. This book is Bob’s second publication with ITGP, the first being; IT Governance to Drive High Performance: Lessons from Accenture was published in 2010.

Running IT like a Business: Accenture’s Step-by-Step Guide, the newest addition to the ITGP portfolio, will show you how your IT function can provide much more than products and services and add real value to your business. With clear strategies, helpful diagrams and real-life examples, this book will give you the keys to unlocking your IT function’s hidden business value, and show you how your IT function can:

  • Use the latest technology developments to help your organisation do things more efficiently, faster and at a lower cost.
  • Take advantage of communication and collaboration technologies to facilitate networking across the enterprise, leading to greater synergy and higher productivity.
  • Identify and analyse business risks and apply measures to reduce these risks.
  • Implement technologies to diversify and grow your business.
  • Develop vital communication skills and techniques to facilitate the change process.
  • Realise cost savings across the organisation.

Robert E. Kress says, ‘The centrality of IT as a tool for every organisation provides the rationale for this book. If a professionally run IT function is essential to every business, government or non-profit enterprise, then running IT like a business is the only logical way to run IT. This has been our approach at Accenture since our company was established.’

Chris Evans, ITSM specialist comments, ‘I found it very engrossing and that it resonated with a number of thoughts I have been having on the subject recently … Given the nature of the organisation and the credentials of the author, I was expecting no less.’

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, adds, ‘We are delighted to publish a second title for Bob and enable Accenture to share their story with the world. This book will prove invaluable not only to senior IT executives and business owners of smaller organisations, but also to those non IT executives and general management professionals who view IT as a contributing factor to an organisations success. This essential step-by-step guide truly will help your organisation do things better, faster and more cost effectively – something that all organisations should be achieving in this information age. ‘

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