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Ely, England, 3 May 2011 – We live and work in an age in which clients’ needs are changing rapidly. Deadlines are shortening and existing development methodologies are relatively inflexible. Projects undertaken using these systems are coming up against increasing difficulties. Modern processes need to be fast moving and adaptable to cope with the pace of business today.

Breaking the Addiction to Process: An introduction to Agile project management, the latest book to be added to IT Governance Publishing’s (ITGP) range, is a clear, practical guide to Agile development methods. Breaking the Addiction to Process ( explains how Agile can offer greater flexibility and maximum adaptability than traditional methods, giving you the tools you need to meet your customers’ needs efficiently and cost effectively.

A twelve-step guide, Breaking the Addiction to Process: An introduction to Agile project management, will give you a clear understanding of how Agile can:

  • improve your business practices
  • help you develop your relationships with your customers
  • assist you in working more efficiently with your colleagues
  • show you how to develop more streamlined and successful working practices
  • save you time and money.

Alan Calder, Chief Executive of IT Governance, says: ‘In today’s climate, it is more important than ever to be able to adapt your working practice, in order to meet client’s needs and maintain profitable business relationships. We are delighted to have published this practical guide to Agile that will help companies do just that, and deliver the results they and their clients want’.

What others had to say about this book ...

Steve Borthwick, Artesian Solutions: ‘I wish I’d had this book before I started thinking seriously about Agile.’

Varinder Kumar, IRIS Business Services Limited, India: This book is a must read for every project manager, developer and even engineers and workers …’

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