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Ely, England, 17 May 2011 – All too often, IT solutions are plagued by budget overruns, missed deadlines, low-quality outputs and dissatisfied users. Agile methodologies are common-sense methods of increasing the relevance, flexibility and business value of software solutions. They protect organisations from wasting money on inappropriate software solutions, and they replace upfront investment with incremental investment.

Agile: An Executive Guide – Real results from IT budgets, the latest pocket guide to be added to the ITGP portfolio, describes Agile methodologies in clear business language and is specifically written for business professionals. It includes step-by-step guidelines, interactive tools and targeted questionnaires for readers to apply these methodologies within their own organisations.

Especially relevant to organisations looking to reduce their IT overheads, it is full of practical advice, including detailed guidelines which will help you:

  • Understand the core benefits of Agile methodologies.
  • Learn whether Agile methodologies are right for your organisation
  • Assess the business value proposition of Agile.

It provides the bottom-line information that you need to harness the business-value benefits of Agile within your organisation, in order to generate significantly greater returns on your IT investment.

“Agile project management relies on a dramatically enhanced level of communication and pragmatic collaboration between business users and software developers. This improves responsiveness to business change and helps retain ongoing budget control − both vital attributes for organisations to have. These, combined with the other benefits that Agile can bring, may just make Agile the key to business success.” comments Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance.

Maarten Souw, IT Auditor at UWV says: "... Not only does the book bring forward the business benefits of Agile development. The book does so in the short, business − oriented language most likely to connect with senior management ... This book is an easily read print version. Typically you can give a copy to your CIO before he enters a plane on a business trip ... The book, while quite comprehensive, does not require expert knowledge to apply.”

"... it has actually sparked an interest in Agile and I think I will be doing further reading starting with the resources listed at the rear." adds Chris Evans, ICT Compliance Manager, London Fire Brigade.

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