New addition to the IT Governance catalogue: Release & Deployment – An ITSM Narrative


– International information security experts IT Governance have added a new title to their catalogue: Release & Deployment – An ITSM Narrative Account.
Business processes can go wrong in more ways than they can go right. The problems start when requirements are gathered and, if unmanaged, can flow unchecked through the entire process, potentially delivering something that’s bound to fail while, paradoxically, exactly meeting the specification.
Based on the real-life experience of author Daniel McLean and other ITSM practitioners, Release and Deployment: An ITSM Narrative exposes the potential pitfalls, and explores how to handle the issues that come with such projects, in the face of shifting organisational structures and changing management objectives.
In Release and Deployment: An ITSM Narrative, the story of the release and deployment process is presented in fictional form, with each chapter describing a difficult meeting with a different department head and featuring a set of pointers that our hero would have found beneficial.
Chris has a new job as a release manager – but he's struggling. Parachuted into a large company to fix its release and deployment process after the catastrophic failure of its new app, Asgard, he finds himself battling an array of insular department heads who are all determined that whatever has gone wrong must be another team’s fault. They all want the finger of blame pointed elsewhere, and Chris seems to be the perfect target. How can he pacify his new colleagues, avoid getting fired and get the job done?
Reader review
Super read, entertaining and informative with some great statements about how things are and/or should be. Cannot wait for the next instalment (or is that Release?)”. – Dave Jones, Pink Elephant
Release & Deployment – An ITSM Narrative is available from IT Governance in various formats (including softcover, Adobe eBook, Kindle and ePub): (UK) (USA) (EU) (APAC) (India and South Asia) (Southern Africa)
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