IT Governance publishes Collinson Group case study: independent technical assurance, easy-to-follow reports and cost-effective penetration tests with IT Governance


IT Governance, the CREST member company, has published a new case study to provide insight into how penetration testing helped Collinson Group test its ability to protect its applications.
Collinson Group engages and manages more than 20 million customers from 25 office locations around the world. Its unique combination of products and services span loyalty solutions, lifestyle and airport lounge programmes, insurance and assistance services. It needs its systems to be secure and dependable, but it had no way of knowing whether its defences provided adequate protection. Penetration testing from IT Governance provided that information.
Penetration testing consists of a simulated attack on a network or application to identify the vulnerabilities a cyber attacker can exploit. By identifying exploitable vulnerabilities, a penetration tester can provide guidance on specific risks and advice on how to fix these issues.
When asked about IT Governance’s penetration testing services, Ian Kilpatrick, group information security officer at Collinson Group, said: “IT Governance combines the delivery of real insights with a cost-effective service rather than just repackaging the results of using a vulnerability scanner.”
The penetration tests led to advice that allowed Collinson Group to respond to the threats it faced. “[The] reports are helpful and accessible,” Ian concludes. “As a sophisticated buyer, I’m more interested in the results of what was found and whether I have enough information in the report to translate that into a change request for my development teams. What really matters to me is that the findings in the report can be actionable.”
Most organisations face cyber attacks at some point, so it is important to conduct regular penetration tests to make sure your defences are adequate. Instead of automatically generated reports from tools that offer generic remediation tips, IT Governance offers advice from experts who rank and rate vulnerabilities so you can plan remediation according to the risk and your budget.
To download IT Governance’s Collinson Group case study, please visit our website. Alternatively, to find out more about IT Governance’s penetration testing solutions, email or call +44 (0)845 070 1750. 

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