IT Governance Launches New ISMS SmartCards at Infosecurity 2012


London, 24 April 2012 IT Governance Ltd, the single source provider for cyber security management solutions, is launching a new product at Infosecurity Europe 2012: ISMS SmartCards. SmartCards are sets of traditional playing cards themed with key IT/business issues. The card decks are part of the company’s new product range, the ITG SmartCard Series, which aims to promote information security awareness and help organisations Inform, Teach and Grow.

The ISMS SmartCards have been designed by information security experts to be used as an information security training aid. Individual card suits are themed to key areas, such as risk assessment, and individual cards highlight key concepts, terms and definitions, with others providing ‘top tips’.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, ‘Positive, aware and well trained members of staff are a key part of ensuring that the crucial intellectual assets of any organisation are protected, namely its confidential information, relationships and reputation. Our new ISMS SmartCards are a fun way of engaging people at all levels in an organisation in the key information security areas. We have developed a number of game scenarios to offer players maximum value.’

The ISMS SmartCards can be utilised in a variety of learning environments, offering a more enjoyable and engaging approach to learning. The cards are perfect for pairs, groups and sole players. They can be used as competitive tools by pairs and groups, and as ‘flash cards’ by those playing alone. The cards can also be used as normal playing cards, reinforcing the ISMS messages throughout games of bridge, patience, poker or anything else.

The ISMS SmartCard deck is available to buy now at £9.95 through the IT Governance website at:

IT Governance will be demonstrating the ISMS SmartCards on Stand 92 at Infosecurity Europe 2012.

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