IT Governance launches new documentation toolkit microsite


IT Governance Ltd is excited to announce the launch of its new documentation toolkit microsite:  
The new site contains fresh content such as videos and toolkit trials to help implementers see how they can benefit from the toolkits, and boasts improved functionality, design and navigation. With a clean layout, and an intuitive and consistent navigation system, the site will make it easier for customers to get access to information about the full range of  toolkits, developed by IT Governance Publishing (ITGP).
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, comments on the new development: “With a clean look and feel, I believe prospective customers will  be able to easily navigate around the microsite and see for themselves the benefits of using these documentation toolkits.  The site brings the toolkits to life and makes the customer understand the product better, too.”
IT Governance's toolkits have supported over 4,000 organisations worldwide in achieving their compliance project goals and objectives. The microsite demonstrates how these toolkits have helped  customers achieve their compliance goals and demonstrates where a toolkit fits into the implementation project. Not only do the pre-written templates help implementers get it right first time, they also keep the compliance project straightforward while reducing implementation costs where possible.

These management system documentation toolkits have evolved to address the above key benefits – the latest versions of ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are now fully integrable, significantly reducing duplication and cost, and providing users with the content they need to expand an existing ISMS/ QMS/ EMS.
Comprising pre-written templates, customisable worksheets, policies and helpful guidance, the documentation toolkits are perfect for organisations seeking certification, compliance and/or best-practice implementation.
Enter the microsite:
View ITGP’s toolkits: 
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