IT Governance launches global ISO27001 packaged solutions accessible online to help companies worldwide fight cyber crime and comply with regulations


IT Governance, the global leader in ISO27001 expertise, is the first company in the world to launch ‘all-in’ ISO27001 packaged solutions that are accessible online and can be deployed by any company anywhere in the world.
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, said, “Our ISO27001 packaged solutions are unique. We have leveraged our acknowledged strengths in all of the key ISO27001 product and service categories to deliver online, globally, the structured combinations of products and services that have enabled us to become the leading, integrated UK ISO27001 experts.
“There is no other company in the world that can provide this combination of resources (including books, documentation templates, training and consultancy), accessible online and available at a fixed-price to meet any company’s needs and budget requirements.”
Each solution is a combination of products and services in a fixed-price, fit-for-use package sure to meet any organisation’s preferences for tackling ISO27001 compliance projects. Each of the four ISO27001 packaged solutions is available at a transparent price that enables every organisation, anywhere in the world, to know exactly what their chosen journey to ISO27001 certification will cost them.
The ‘all-in’ ISO27001 packaged solutions include: ‘Do-it-yourself’, ‘Get a little help’, ‘Get a lot of help’ and ‘We’ll do it for you’. Find out more here:
Statistics show that cyber crime is growing exponentially. This trend is likely to continue as more business activities move online and as more consumers connect to the Internet, and as autonomous devices are connected (‘the Internet of things’). As security incidents proliferate, companies that fail to adequately protect their networks will be at an increasing competitive disadvantage. Many organisations will be shocked out of complacency by discovering that their defences have been breached.
Alan Calder says, “The cyber threat environment is constantly changing and we must all take action to respond to these changes. Dealing with information security from a proactive point of view will ensure organisations can continue to thrive even in an environment marked by increasing cyber crime. Tested and proven international frameworks like ISO27001 are the way forward.”
The latest ISO  Survey of Management Systems Standard  Certifications - 2012 shows that certification to the ISO27001 has grown by 13% globally.
Findings from the Ponemon Institute Cost of Cybercrime Study 2013 reveal that companies that invest adequate resources, appoint a high-level security leader and employ certified or expert staff, have cyber crime costs that are lower than companies that have not implemented these practices. The study claims that, on average, companies certifying against industry-leading standards, such as ISO27001, can reap cost-savings of $931,096.
“If understood and implemented correctly, ISO27001 can help to rationalise security expenditure and reduce the impact of cyber crime, while giving a business a competitive edge,” says Calder.
The all-in, ISO27001 ‘Do-it-yourself’, ‘Get a little help’, ‘Get a lot of help’ and ‘We’ll do it for you’ packages can be booked online at
Alternatively, organisation can all 0845 070 1750 or send an email to request a custom quote.
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