IT Governance launches cyber security and phishing staff awareness course


IT Governance, the leading cyber security services provider, has launched a Cyber security and phishing staff awareness e-learning course to help businesses raise awareness among employees about the dangers of phishing-based cyber attacks.
Cyber criminals are well aware of the advantages that clever phishing tactics can offer.  By tricking the uninformed using a variety of manipulative tactics, criminals can quickly gain access to an organisation’s systems and networks, install malware, steal personal information or even bring the company to its knees.
Panda Security research shows that 30% of all of the malware that has ever existed was created in 2013. That is the equivalent of 30 million new malware threats in one year, or about 82,000 per day. In 2014, that figure has doubled to 160,000 new samples every day.
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, explains: “Employees often don’t understand the dangers of clicking on malicious links or providing their details online.  Hackers can exploit this obvious vulnerability and cause a lot of damage. This course has been carefully designed to explain the multitude of phishing tactics employed by criminals to deceive and defraud individuals and organisations, thereby empowering users to recognise these tricks and avoid exposing your organisation to risks.”
The Cyber security and phishing staff awareness course has been designed to illustrate concepts in simple terms and is packed with practical examples, interactive graphics and images. The course reveals the different tactics commonly employed in phishing campaigns without unnecessary technical jargon.  Including useful tips and advice, the course teaches users to screen attachments and links, verify URLs, watch out for unsolicited requests, and to be mindful of scams when using social media or receiving an email.
The course can be combined with a simulated phishing campaign in order to gauge the level of employee awareness before and after taking the course.
Calder says, “Mounting evidence points to the fact that employees are the biggest security threat facing the average organisation.  It is only by educating and enlightening employees to the risks of cyber threats such as phishing attacks that we will be able to beat this problem.”
The course can be purchased directly from the IT Governance website at
The simulated phishing campaign that can also be purchased via the IT Governance website:
Contact IT Governance directly for further information and about customisation options on +44 (0)845 070 1750.
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