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IT Governance delighted with client GOAL Group of Companies’ ISO27001 certification success


IT Governance, the global leader in ISO27001 expertise, is proud to congratulate client GOAL Group of Companies (UK) on its recent certification to the international information security standard ISO27001. The client, a financial services software and support provider, was assisted by the IT Governance consultants to prepare for the external audit leading to certification.
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, says, “I am delighted that GOAL Group of Companies has been awarded the ISO27001 certificate. The project team should be proud of their achievement, and I am confident that implementing ISO27001 has helped the company improve information security as well as bringing other business benefits, including gaining competitive advantage and meeting compliance requirements.”
David Gilbert, Global Business Development Manager for the GOAL Group of Companies, said, “On behalf of myself and colleagues sincere thanks to the IT Governance team for their input helping us achieve certification to the ISO27001 standard. Here we are, just six months after we started the project and the outcome has been described by the auditor as ‘a delight to audit’. Much of this has been down to the mentoring and coaching style IT Governance has used to steer us to our target. “
ISO27001 is regarded as the international best-practice framework that enables organisations to systematically and consistently protect their information assets and customers’ data.
IT Governance has recently become the first company in the world to launch ‘all-in’ ISO27001 packaged solutions that are accessible online and can be deployed by any company, anywhere in the world, that wishes to implement the ISO27001 standard and prepare for certification.
Each solution is a combination of products and services in a fixed-price, fit-for-use package sure to meet any organisation’s preferences for tackling ISO27001 compliance projects. Each of the four ISO27001 packaged solutions is available at a transparent price that enables every organisation to know exactly what their chosen journey to ISO27001 certification will cost them.
The all-in, ISO27001 ‘Do it yourself’, ‘Get a little help’, ‘Get a lot of help’ and ‘We’ll do it for you’ packages can be ordered online at www.itgovernance.co.uk/iso27001-solutions.aspx.
Alternatively, organisations can call +44 (0)845 070 1750 or send an email to request a custom quote.
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