IT GOVERNANCE COMMENTS: “An unprecedented breach with GDPR sanctions a strong possibility” – Cyber Security guru comments on Facebook’s latest breach


Several months on from Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, this weekend the social media behemoth found itself in yet more deep data breach water with the news that 50million accounts had been hacked.

It Governance founder Alan Calder, has given his expert comment on this latest breach. He said: “For Mark Zuckerberg to describe this as merely an ‘issue’ perhaps goes some way to determining how Facebook still isn’t taking data protection as seriously as it needs to.

Calder continued: “50 million accounts hacked is an unprecedented breach and certainly GDPR sanctions are a strong possibility especially as the lead regulator has already demanded more info regarding the scale of the attack.”

To get more organisations prepared for any kind of attack IT Governance launched its #BreachReady campaign earlier this summer with the aim making more organisations aware of the dangers of not being ready and how they can survive a breach.

“Our #BreachReady campaign, which was setup earlier this summer, enables organisations to protect themselves from the potential damage associated with data breaches” said Calder. “Once this latest incident has been investigated it will be very interesting to see just how, if at all, #BreachReady Facebook is.” 

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