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IT Governance announces the release of its new Business Transformation Toolkit


Ely, England, 10 May 2012IT Governance releases its first Business Transformation Toolkit, aiding organisations in implementing and maintaining change within the organisation. Business Transformation is essential in retaining your competitive advantage and achieving your strategic goals. Without business transformation you will find your business stagnating and unable to meet the demands of your customers and stakeholders.

IT Governance is now launching this new and innovative Business Transformation Toolkit that will guide you through the process of making change successful. It has adopted a unique step-by-step guide, helping you progressing through the relevant stages of effective change management:

· Understanding the change.

· Planning the change.

· Implementing the change.

· Embedding the change.

The Toolkit is full of techniques, guidance, models and tools that can be selected as the best for your organisation, enabling you to build a tailored approach to change management that fits the culture of your organisation and the context of your change.

The author of the Toolkit, Melanie Franklin, has an extensive track record in the realisation of business change management programmes within both public and private sectors, and is now putting her practical experience into a comprehensive suite of guidelines, models and checklists suitable for any organisation.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, ‘I am excited about the new angle of this Toolkit, bringing change management alive on your desktop. It makes a, usually, grey area for most organisations easy to digest. Change is something that every organisation has to face at some time or another, so why pay through the nose over and over when a simple solution is staring you in the face?’

The new Business Transformation Toolkit will encourage you to begin the transformation and teach you how to manage and encourage others, communicating a positive message to ensure that staff perform to their potential, feel included and as though they are contributing to part of the change.

This Business Transformation Toolkit is a brand new addition to IT Governance’s toolkit library, pioneering an innovative and engaging step-by-step implementation structure designed to help organisations in their business transformation. Detailed charts, tables, diagrams and models are included to demonstrate and teach you how to embed the ‘new business as usual’.

You can purchase the Business Transformation Toolkit from www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/3812 as a CD-ROM or downloaded file, whichever your preference, for a discounted price of £295 reduced from £395.

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