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IT Governance announces new book: Build a Security Culture


IT Governance, the global provider of cyber security expertise, has announced that the new book by Kai Roer, Build a Security Culture, is now available from its e-commerce websites. 
Published by IT Governance Publishing (ITGP), Build a Security Culture describes how to create a culture that promotes cyber security within the workplace. Using his own experiences, the author highlights the underlying cause for many successful and easily preventable attacks.
The book addresses the human and cultural factors in organisational security and explains how to manage related threats by implementing an effective framework for an organisational culture, ensuring that organisations are set up to repel malicious intrusions and threats based on common human vulnerabilities.
Build a Security Culture is available from IT Governance in multiple formats (including softcover, Adobe eBook, Kindle and ePub):
www.itgovernance.co.uk/shop/p-1687.aspx (International)
www.itgovernanceusa.com/shop/p-1463.aspx (USA)
www.itgovernance.eu/p-1113.aspx (EU)
www.itgovernance.asia/p-1049.aspx (Asia-Pacific)
www.itgovernance.in/p-1049.aspx (India and South Asia)
www.itgovernanceusa.com/shop/p-1463.aspx (South Africa)
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