IT Governance announces free webinar on cyber resilience in February


IT Governance, the fast-growing cyber security services provider, has announced a free webinar on “Cyber Resilience – The New Normal”. The webinar will take place on 12 February, 2014, 3:00pm - 4:00pm GMT. Attendees can register for free here:
The webinar will be presented by Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance. Calder said:
“Next-generation security in 2014 will be centred on a wider acceptance of ‘cyber-resilience’. Migration to the Internet and increasing software sophistication will, between them, introduce increasing software vulnerabilities which will be exploited by savvy cyber attackers.
As security incidents proliferate and the reality of living permanently with irreducible levels of cyber threat finally sinks in,  less savvy organisations will respond by trying to restrict staff mobility, social engineering and Internet access, while more savvy organisations will gradually replace ‘cyber secure’ with ‘cyber resilient’ as the target organisational status.
Many organisations will be shocked out of their complacency by discovering that, rather than never having had an attack, their defences were actually breached months ago. "

The truth is that no organisation is safe from an attack – businesses today have to face the inevitable reality that it’s just a question of when you will be attacked, and to what degree your response planning will be effective to protect you from a total, irreparable collapse.

Security experts agree that cyber-attackers will increasingly focus on identifying and attacking vulnerable targets as Cloud services and the Internet of Things take off in 2014 due to the rapid adoption of social media, BOYD and networked devices creating soft targets for cyber-criminals.

Join Alan Calder for the webinar on “Cyber Resilience – The New Normal” by registering here:
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