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It’s official: Investors care about information security. Should businesses care too?


A recent survey of 405 U.S. investors revealed that cyber security directly affects investor’s attitudes. According to the survey, “more than 70% of investors are interested in reviewing public company cyber security practices and almost 80% would likely not consider investing in a company with a history of attacks.”
Alan Calder, CEO of cyber security specialists IT Governance, wrote in his blog: “Investors know that organisations that are prone to cyber attack are exposed to data loss, fraud, reputation damage, legal and regulatory action, fines, weakening of competitive position and so on. More than that, weak cyber security is also often indicative of a management that doesn’t properly understand technology, and that may not have appropriate technology or IT governance controls in place either – cyber risk, in other words, may often be a proxy for a broader set of IT-related risks.”
Calder adds, “Cyber security is and has to be the norm. In the future no organisation will be able to survive and maintain its competitiveness on the market unless it has a proper information security management system in place leveraged with its technology, resources and business objectives.”
Under pressure from governments, stakeholders and the public, organisations need to invest further in Cyber security. This needs to be done carefully, taking into account the organisation’s unique situation and needs.
Instead of looking for multiple cyber security providers, which may be time-consuming and complicated activity, senior managers can get everything they need to address cyber security from a single-source provider like IT Governance.
From information security training and software tools through to consultancy and penetration testing, IT governance offers the full package to meet the requirements of any organisation looking to invest in cyber security. The company can also help clients to demonstrate return on investment (ROI) and ‘achieve approval’ from the board.
For more information visit www.itgovernance.co.uk or call +44 (0) 845 1750.
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