ISO 27001 is ideal for organisations of all types and sizes when tackling cyber security, evidence suggests


With the British Government highlighting the importance of cyber security to the UK’s economy in its UK Cyber Security Standards Report, and emphasising the need to adopt a cyber security standard, IT Governance Limited is warning organisations to act fast, before cyber criminals do.
Alan Calder, founder and Executive Chairman of global cyber security services provider IT Governance, says, “Whilst the government might have missed an opportunity to set a direction in terms of practical next steps, UK businesses must not wait. There is clear evidence that ISO/IEC 27001, the internationally recognised information security standard, can play this role. This cyber security standard is suitable for all organisations, from SMEs to FTSE 350 companies, and enables them to address IT security as a competitive differentiator.”
The UK Cyber Security Standards Report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) revealed that ISO 27001 is the most frequently adopted standard by a significant margin.
With over 19,500 ISO 27001 certificates issued worldwide according to ISO survey figures (2012), and a year-on-year growth, the business benefits of this international scheme cannot be ignored.
Calder continues, “Over the years, we have helped more than 100 clients to implement and certify to ISO 27001 and have seen this number growing. Our clients come from all sectors and industries including finance, technology, local authorities, bioscience and pharmaceuticals, engineering, education, retail, and others. Our smallest clients were employing just 5 to10 staff and were as enthusiastic about implementation as our largest clients who employ hundreds of staff. What better evidence than this that ISO 27001 can work for every business?
“Whilst business drivers for implementation of the standard may differ from company to company, those who have embarked on the journey have recognised the business benefits of ISO 27001.”
IT Governance Ltd has made available on their website a number of case studies of clients who have undertaken ISO 27001 implementation. They can be downloaded from here:
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