ISO 20000 Certification – Why should you follow the crowd?


With hundreds of organisations worldwide already ISO 20000 certified and more set to follow, IT service providers are unable to ignore ISO/IEC 20000 – the international IT service management standard – for much longer. There are indications that governments and clients increasingly require their software and telecom providers to become ISO 20000 certified.
Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, a provider of ISO 20000 implementation solutions, says, “Implementation of ISO 20000 ensures that an organisation’s IT service management processes are aligned both with the needs of the business and with international best practice. In this respect, it adds great value to both the organisation and its clients. ISO 20000 certification demonstrates to stakeholders that your organisation is reliable and is able to deliver what it promises.”
ISO 20000 implementation can help IT service providers leverage existing ITIL® investment to achieve operational and financial benefits. Other benefits include:

  • Competitive advantage enabling access to key markets
  • Continual improvement of IT service management processes
  • Cost savings over time due to optimised processes
  • Streamlined conformance activity
Organisations that need an introduction to the standard will benefit from the following reading materials:

IT Governance prides itself on being in the position to help IT service management professionals and organisations with each stage of ISO 20000 implementation. The company offers everything, from books and documentation toolkits through to training courses and consultancy services. The full range of IT Governance’s ISO 20000 solutions can be seen at
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