Implementing COBIT 5 can be made easier with the right support, according to experts


Being the most widely recognised IT governance control framework, it is no surprise that COBIT® 5 is the preferred choice of large international companies. COBIT 5 is equally used by US listed companies and UK companies (with US listing) that need to be SOX compliant, as well as companies in the UK that need to address the requirements of the UK Combined Code and Turnbull Report.
What makes COBIT 5 attractive for organisations is its capacity to help tackle organisational IT governance challenges such as operational inefficiencies, poor IT risk management and a lack of oversight over IT decisions affecting the business. COBIT 5 is the only internationally accepted framework to provide a complete model for governing and attaining value from investments in IT.
Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, says “COBIT 5 is ideal for improving services related to or served by IT, streamlining complex business processes, increasing stakeholder confidence and for complying with regulations.

“Whilst COBIT 5 is seen as a relatively complex framework, the benefits from implementing it are considerable. It offers ROI in terms of the savings that can be made from optimised processes and achieving business objectives by effective IT governance.”
As with most standards and frameworks, knowledge and skills are of great importance to make the implementation process effective and successful.
Calder adds, “The right training can support organisations in developing employees’ essential skills which would make COBIT 5 implementation easier. Understating the COBIT 5 controls and how to apply them in the specific business environment is instrumental for successful implementation.”
ISACA®, the organisation behind the development of the COBIT framework, has partnered with APMG to develop a COBIT 5 training and accreditation programme and a list of approved COBIT 5 training providers. IT Governance is one of the approved providers in the UK with a long track-record of delivering COBIT courses.
Professionals who wish to gain practical knowledge of COBIT 5 should consider booking onto the APMG-accredited COBIT 5 Foundation Course in London. 
The COBIT Foundation course is the pre-requisite to book onto the APMG-accredited COBIT 5 Implementation Course by IT Governance, which is the first implementation course in the UK. 
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