Implement ISO9001 with the ISO9001 Quality Management System Documentation Toolkit


Ely, England, 4 May 2011 - The IT Governance ISO9001 Quality Management System (QMS) Documentation Toolkit is a full suite of documentation templates that comply with the ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard. This toolkit has the ability to mix with other IT Governance Publishing Toolkits in order to create an efficient management system. It is unlike other toolkits as it contains a quality management manual, and a full set of policies and procedures, in addition to the necessary forms, records and work instructions to underpin those policies and procedures. It is the complete toolkit for implementing an ISO9001 quality management system.

ISO9001, the Quality Management Standard, is a Best Practice Standard that guides companies and organisations internationally to implement a ‘best-in-class’ Quality Management System (QMS).

This ISO9001 QMS Toolkit is suitable for all organisations. The policy and procedure templates are generally applicable across all industries,” says Alan Calder, CEO IT Governance. 

Since the implementation of ISO9001, companies that employed this standard have witnessed rapid improvements and benefits within sectors that are fundamental to business evolution from employing this standard.

The financial benefits that have accrued to companies that implement ISO9001 systems have been immense and include cost savings from operational efficiencies, higher sales, improved return on assets and greater profitability.

An ISO9001 QMS brings other benefits:
  • Business objectives are constantly reviewed and feed into business processes and working practices to maximise assets and open potential new markets.
  • Certification to ISO9001 sends a clear message that a company is committed not only to high standards but also to continually improve its performance. Certification improves reputation and can be a useful marketing tool.
  •  Customer needs and satisfaction are at the heart of ISO9001 and the improvement ‘Plan, Do, Check, and Act’ structure of ISO9001 ensures that those needs are met.
  • ISO9001 management systems encourage enhancement of products and services, with less rework, fewer mistakes, a consequent reduction of waste and fewer customer complaints.
  • ISO 9001 helps raise the level of an organisation’s performance above and beyond that of its competitors who are not employing management systems. It also makes measuring performance easier and manages business risks in a controlled way.
  • ISO 9001 brings improved communications and, with employees feeling more involved, the added benefits of better team working.  

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