IT GOVERNANCE COMMENTS: “If this isn't a wake up call then I'm not sure what is.” Cyber security pioneer on 500k Equifax fine


Yesterday’s announcement that the ICO is to fine Equifax half a million pounds, after its failure to protect people’s data, is one of the UK’s biggest wake up calls in terms of data protection according to IT Governance founder Alan Calder. 

“The level of fine that has been issued here demonstrates the true severity of this incident. Organisations not taking data protection seriously are underestimating the sanctions they face.” 

Calder continued: “If this isn’t a wake up call then I’m not sure what is. If organisations don’t implement the proper procedures then financial damage, but also reputational damage, can occur. 

 “In the summer we launched our #BreachReady campaign which enables organisations to protect themselves from the potential damage associated with data breaches. The sheer scale of this particular data breach implies that any notion of being #BreachReady was not apparent from Equifax.”  

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