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Hindsight Software Ltd achieves Cyber Essentials certification with DIY service from IT Governance


Cyber security consultancy firm and CREST-accredited certification body IT Governance has helped Hindsight Software Ltd achieve certification to Cyber Essentials.
Alan Calder, the founder and executive chairman of IT Governance, says, “I am pleased to congratulate Hindsight Software Ltd on their successful certification. This is recognition that the company takes cyber security seriously and demonstrates commitment to protecting their own and their clients’ data.”
The Cyber Essentials scheme is a government-backed cyber security certification that sets forth the standard for cyber security. It provides a set of controls and implementation guidance for basic cyber hygiene against which organisations can achieve certification.
The scheme requires five security controls to be implemented: secure configuration, boundary firewalls and Internet gateways, access control and administrative privilege management, patch management, and malware protection.
Alan Parkinson, the chief executive officer of Hindsight Software, said: “As a Cloud software vendor security is important to us. Cyber Essentials covers not only the security of our application but the IT systems and facilities we use for software development and supporting our customers. This was an important and strategic requirement we needed to meet as an organisation”.
The Surrey-based software development and Cloud vendor company achieved its certification through IT Governance’s Cyber Essentials – Do It Yourself package, a unique solution designed to give the organisation full control over its Cyber Essentials certification application by providing the entire certification service online. The service includes the self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ), the required vulnerability scans and the certification service.
“With advice from IT Governance it was a simple process to select the most appropriate package for adapting our existing practices to achieve certification”, Alan Parkinson said.
As a CREST-accredited certification body, IT Governance provides certification packages that can be deployed by any company wishing to achieve Cyber Essentials certification.
Each Cyber Essentials packaged solution is available at a transparent price that enables every organisation to know exactly what their chosen journey to Cyber Essentials certification will cost, and includes additional support and tools for those who prefer to get a little more help with their certification application.
For more information about IT Governance’s Cyber Essentials packaged solutions, please visit the website, contact our consultancy team directly at servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk or call us on +44 (0) 845 070 1750.
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