Gain ISO27001 compliance with a unique ISO27001 consultancy service


IT Governance Ltd, the ISO27001 and information security experts, have reported growing interest in their ISO27001 consultancy service due to the need of organisations to comply with the Standard and the benefits good consultancy offers.

As ISO27001 certification is increasingly adopted as best-practice information security management by larger organisations and governments around the world, so more and more companies are being required to achieve the Standard as a basic price of entry to contractual negotiations.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance comments, “Organisations that are required to comply with the ISO27001 Standard often face the problem of securing the resources for key aspects of the project and the handling of specific tasks.  An ISO27001 project has different phases, from pre-planning and board approval through implementation to successful certification. Things can easily go wrong if no guidance is provided or resources are limited. This is the point when bringing a consultant on board can prove to be the best investment for an organisation”.

ISO27001 requires an organisation to develop an information security management system (ISMS) that takes into account business and legal or regulatory requirements and contractual security obligations. Knowledge is a key aspect of implementing ISO27001: reducing room for error, and avoiding the need for re-inventing wheels.

“IT Governance’s ISO27001 consultancy service is designed to take all the hassle away from the client by providing the skills and advice required at a cost the client can afford,” continues Calder. “At IT Governance we have supported in excess of 100 clients through successful ISO27001 certification projects. All of our ISO27001 consultants are trained ISMS lead auditors and their practical approach is an added value to every organisation aiming to achieve compliance whilst fulfilling its corporate objectives. Moreover, we guarantee that our clients will successfully achieve certification within the timeline of the agreed ISO27001 project. ”

An organisation has to be able to maintain its own ISMS and ISO27001 certification after a successful initial certification audit. This is important for the organisation, so that it can pass a second and subsequent certification audit.

Alan Calder says, “We pride ourselves on our ‘mentor and coach’ approach. This means that we help the client develop the skills and knowledge necessary to run its own ISMS once certification is achieved, rather than have the additional cost of buying external support back in to maintain the ISMS they had paid for in the first place. This is what, we believe, sets us apart from other consultancy service providers, and the excellent client feedback we have received is a testament to the quality of our work”.

For the smaller organisations, with a single office location and up to 20 employees, IT Governance offers FastTrack ISO27001 consultancy . This service is specifically designed to prepare a small organisation for UKAS-accredited certification to ISO27001:2005in just three months. There is a one-off, fixed-price consultancy fee of £5,000, which covers everything bar travel and third-party certification fees

“This initiative ensures maximum benefit for minimum expenditure – so now even for the smallest organisations, certification to ISO27001 is within reach,” says IT Governance’s CEO, Alan Calder.

Further information about the IT Governance ISO27001 Consultancy Service is available online, from and about the FastTrack ISO27001 Consultancy Service – from .

You can also e-mail us at or telephone + 44 845 070 1750 to find out, free of obligation, what would be involved in achieving ISO27001 certification for your organisation.

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