Free webinar shows business leaders how to be cyber secure in 10 steps


IT Governance, the fast-growing cyber security services provider, has announced a new webinar called “How to be cyber secure: 10 mission-critical steps for business leaders and owners” on 25 March 2014 at 15:00 GTM.
Led by information and cyber security guru Alan Calder, this webinar is specifically tailored to business leaders and board member to provide them with an overview of the current cyber threat landscape and, importantly, with a step-by-step plan to become cyber secure.
Calder says “Any organisation, no matter how big or small, is at risk of an attack. Cyber criminals are after every valuable piece of information that can be sold or used to steal money directly – from intellectual property and financially sensitive information to payment card details and personally identifiable information.”
Calder will explain why existing and emerging threats such as hacking, social engineering and fraud-as-a-service pose a risk to businesses of all types and sizes, as well as providing insights into how business leaders should address them.
Whilst every business is subject to cyber attacks, the key to protection is to know your vulnerabilities and close the gaps. Calder will provide practical examples as to how business leaders can identify vulnerabilities across people, process and technology and explain how to prepare a cyber security strategy.
The webinar “How to be cyber secure: 10 mission-critical steps for business leaders and owners” will run on 25 March 2014 at 15:00 GTM. Registrations are open here:
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