Free Buyer’s Guides from IT Governance help IT professionals make informed project decisions


IT Governance Ltd, the single-source provider of information, books, training and consultancy in the field of information security, IT governance, risk management and compliance (IT-GRC), has launched a new library of Buyer’s Guides. These comprehensive free guides cover an array of different services including consultancy, training and e-learning across a number of vertical subject areas such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301, the UK DPA, PCI DSS, Penetration Testing, and ISO 20000.
The first three Buyer’s Guides launched as part of this initiative cover ISO 27001 consultancy, ISO 20000 consultancy and Staff Awareness E-learning Courses.
They can be downloaded from:
IT Governance says that its motivation for publishing these new guides was customer feedback: senior decision makers and project managers often shy away from seeking professional help as they don’t know what to look for or what budget they may need. They are not always aware of the various options available to them and may not realise that sometimes they can achieve more for less if they have access to the right resources.
The Buyer's Guides have been designed to provide IT professionals with an impartial subject overview when preparing to undertake major projects such as consultancy and staff training. The documents, which are free to download, answer questions such as how to go about starting your project, what to consider when selecting your supplier and what you can expect from the end result.
The Buyer’s Guide library will continue to grow, with new guides on Pen Testing, Data Protection Act Consultancy and Cybersecurity underway.
To access the full library of IT Governance Buyer’s Guides go to
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