Ely, England, 13 March 2011 – IT Governance, the global leader in ISO27001 and information security products and services is now offering fixed-price penetration testing packages (

“With the ever increasing risk of external attack to websites or a network, the continual enhancements and upgrades to a system over time, and the continual discovery of new vulnerabilities and security holes,” said IT Governance CEO Alan Calder, “organisations should conduct external penetration tests on a regular basis. Such testing is also a requirement for compliance with the ISO 27001 and PCI DSS Standards.”

For smaller organisations, which are more likely to be hit accidentally by cybercriminals or an automated attack, but for whom the damage is likely to be more significant, it is recommended that a Penetration Test be conducted on at least an annual basis (1 per year).

For larger organisations, which are more likely targets of cybercriminals, and that have had no major changes to their website or IT system over a period of 12 months, it is recommended that a Penetration Test be conducted on a quarterly basis (4 per year).

It is recommended that a Penetration Test be conducted after every major installation or reconfiguration of a network infrastructure particularly if this involves firewalls and dedicated security sub-systems.

“Our fixed-price penetration testing packages are designed to simplify security testing,” concluded Alan Calder. “There shouldn’t by anything complicated or mysterious about security assurance and that’s why we’ve clearly described our testing activity and made fixed-price packages available that can be purchased almost as easily as a book!” Penetration testing packages – which include a full test report and detailed guidance on remediation - for a website or for a small network are available for a limited time only with at the special price of just £1,950 each.

Find out more or purchase online ( You can also contact the friendly, helpful IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750. Larger organisations can purchase penetration testing packages with a Purchase Order either by telephone or by email to

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