Firmstep climbs towards cybersecurity excellence


Ely, England, 4 July 2012 – Cambridge web developer, Firmstep has appointed Ely-based professional services company, IT Governance Ltd, to provide advice and project support leading to certification in the ISO27001 Information Security Management System Standard.

Firmstep’s software solutions are now available on CloudStore, the recently launched online appstore of the Government’s G-Cloud framework for cloud-based ICT services. CloudStore offers the public sector a cheaper, quicker and more transparent way to procure the services they need. Firmstep entered into a rigorous tender process, in order to have its solutions selected for the CloudStore’s Software as a Service (SaaS) category, which included compliance to ISO27001.

Brett Husbands, CEO of Firmstep, said: “When we were awarded the contract for the Government’s G-Cloud online store for local councils and government institutions, we chose ISO27001 compliance market leaders, IT Governance Ltd, because of their impressive track record of 120+ certifications. With Google Apps for Business recently announcing that they have gained ISO27001 certification, we feel that our enterprise is in prestigious company by adopting the ISO27001 Standard and believe that this will help to secure orders”.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance Ltd, commented: “Firmstep is an excellent example of what we in Cambridge can achieve: world-class technology development that appeals to governments, international companies and investors across the globe. Doing business globally means embracing standards compliance frameworks. Firmstep has been truly innovative in realising the market value of ISO27001”.

IT Governance offers an integrated professional services approach to standards adoption, project development and compliance. The Ely-based company provides consultancy advice, coaching and mentoring, knowledge transfer, training programmes and an extensive range of documentation toolkits, software, e-learning and self-help publications designed to speed up compliance projects.

Organisations interested in gaining ISO27001 certification can find out more by telephoning + 44 845 070 1750 or e-mailing

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