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E-learning best for compliance training & awareness


Ely, England, 8 August 2011 – IT Governance Ltd, the ISO27001 and data security compliance specialists, today announced the availability of attractively priced annual site licences for its customisable ITG eLearning Staff Awareness & Compliance Suite of courses.

“Staff awareness training is a requirement of the Data Protection Act, of PCI DSS and of ISO27001,” explains IT Governance CEO, Alan Calder. “No matter how many technical controls are implemented, valuable data – commercial, personal or card holder - is not completely secure unless the employees are trained in security awareness policies and procedures. eLearning is an ideal method of compliance training for larger organisations; it is a cost-effective way to ensure that large numbers of staff have attained a consistent level of awareness.”

Lack of security awareness by users was cited as the second greatest threat facing organizations in the Global Information Security Survey conducted by Ernst & Young as far back as 2004 and, with the proliferation of cyber threats since – and the increase in regulatory compliance requirements and costs - it is not surprising that ISO27001 places such an emphasis on the need for effective, complete and repeated staff awareness training

Compliance with DPA, PCI DSS and ISO27001 requirements means that organizations must carry out staff induction and information security awareness training – and maintain evidence that is has been delivered and that staff understood the lessons. The IT Governance eLearning Staff Awareness and Compliance  site licence – ideal for organisations with more than 250 staff within scope for training - helps organisations achieve those objectives:

  • the content of these 40-minute courses is comprehensive, and tested across years of delivering staff awareness courses to client organisations;
  • Employers can track and evidence training across all  members of staff, avoiding that familiar problem of having three people left to train and no more classroom courses planned;
  • Employees can evidence their understanding of the subject by passing the included online test and a copy of the test certificate can be added to employee HR files as evidence of training;
  • eLearning is cost-effective and requires minimal administrative organisation and employees can do the training in their own time and at their own pace, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the subject matter.

The standard ITG eLearning courses can be customised on demand, which enables clients to closely tie the eLearning content to their own procedures and culture – and it is this easy customization that is particularly driving organisations to deploy the IT Governance eLearning Staff Awareness & Compliance Suite of courses on a site-wide basis. It offers a significant step forward in terms of quality and traceability of ISO27001, data security and PCI DSS staff awareness training.

Contact the IT Governance customer service team by email (servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk) or by telephone on + 44 (0)845 070 1750 to discuss how we could enable you to deploy cost-effective information security staff awareness training across your organisation.

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