DPA non-compliance may harm organisations considerably


Ely, England, 9 May 2012 – Last week a Welsh health board has become the first NHS body to be fined for breaching the Data Protection Act (DPA). In this case staff is often the weakest link. There is a range of measures that employers can undertake to ensure they reduce mistakes made by employees to a minimum.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance says, ‘Organisations need to do more to prove they are not negligent when it comes to protecting personal data. All organisations who deal with sensitive customer information have to ensure that their employees are properly trained and aware of the DPA requirements.’

Classroom and online training should become a standard process for organisations in the UK. Attending the DPA Foundation course from IT Governance will enable employees to understand the current processes of handling personal data, and ensure that these processes are in line with the latest Data Protection Act compliance requirements.

On the other side, the Data Protection Staff Awareness e-learning course is a quick and effective means of delivering DPA training to non-technical staff. This will improve the DPA awareness within the whole organisation and reduce the likelihood for human errors.

Calder continues, ‘It is clear that recent news about a double-dip recession is making companies cut costs. The key point here is that now, more than ever, businesses can’t afford to compromise security. The last thing companies want is to be fined for mistakes which they could have otherwise avoided by complying with the DPA.’

Looking at the costs for achieving DPA compliance, it becomes evident that organisations can spend as little as a few hundred pounds and avoid financial losses in the future that could cost them thousands.

Additionally, to staff training and awareness programmes, organisations could chose an optimal route to DPA implementation by using the Data Protection Documentation Toolkit.  It is the perfect tool for small and medium-sized organisations with more limited budgets to become DPA compliant. It includes all essential documentation templates for achieving compliance whilst providing recommendations and guidance on how to close any gaps that are identified.

For more information on DPA resources, or for an integrated DPA solution, tailored to your budget requirements, contact the IT Governance service centre team on telephone number +44 (0)845 070 1750 or by e-mail to servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk.

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