‘Don’t risk it – cyber secure it’, urge experts


The 2015 Information Security Breaches Survey (ISBS) revealed that security breach levels have risen again. 90% of large organisations reported suffering a security breach (up from 81% in 2014), while 74% of small businesses had a security breach (up from 60%). Moreover, 59% of respondents expect there will be more security incidents in the next year than last.
Alan Calder, founder and executive chairman of cyber security firm IT Governance, says, “The ISBS raises serious concerns over the cyber hygiene of UK organisations. They must get the basics right to protect themselves from breaches. A top-down, company-wide approach to cyber security is fundamental.”
Forecasts made in the CERT-UK annual report add to the gloomy picture. It predicts that the supply chain will be “hit hard” and that we are yet to see “the largest data breach ever”. The report also highlights consumers’ growing expectations for better cyber security.
Protecting against cyber threats
According to the ISBS, “ISO 27001 remains the leading standard for security management.”
ISO 27001 is recognised internationally and provides guidance on the implementation of an information security management system (ISMS). 
Calder says, “ISO 27001 should become the de facto standard for achieving a company-wide level of cyber security. It not only provides an effective framework for managing cyber risks, but organisations can also obtain certification to demonstrate to their customers that they take cyber security seriously.
“My advice to every organisation is: don’t risk it – cyber secure it. Implement ISO 27001.”
Implementing ISO 27001
As a world leader in ISO 27001 implementation, IT Governance has developed ISO 27001 packaged solutions that can be deployed by any company, anywhere in the world.
Each solution is a combination of products and services in a fixed-price, fit-for-use package sure to meet any organisation’s preferences for tackling ISO 27001 compliance projects without the traditionally associated complexities and costs.
ISO 27001 ‘The Basics’, ‘Do It Yourself’, ‘Get A Little Help’, ‘Get A Lot Of Help’ and ‘We Do It For You’ packages can be booked online at www.itgovernance.co.uk/iso27001-solutions.aspx.
Alternatively, organisations can call +44 (0)845 070 1750 or send an email to request a custom quote.
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