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Customising management system documentation templates has never been easier


Ely, England, 1 October 2015 ITGP, the leading publisher of management system documentation templates and a division of IT Governance, has announced that it is updating the functionality of its entire documentation toolkit portfolio, enabling customers to embed their documentation templates into their organisations quickly and easily with one-click styling, formatting and branding.
Advancing on previous formats, ITGP documentation toolkits have gone through a process of rigorous development to ensure that their functionality meets users’ needs and expectations better than ever. Taking customer and client feedback into account, documentation templates in ITGP Toolkits are now populated using a single User Input worksheet, dispersing the data to all individual documents.
The User Input worksheet asks for traditional company information (such as name, address, logo, defined organisational classification levels and roles).
How it works

Best practice suggests that responsibilities should be attributed to roles within the organisation. Roles will likely always be relevant to the organisational structure, whereas people change. For this reason, our User Input works on the assignment of roles. The roles defined in this document can be fully edited so that they are a true representation of your organisation’s structure.
What’s new?
  • One-time input of repetitive information, using a standalone worksheet
  • Fully customisable individual documents, populated from the User Input worksheet
  • IT Governance Ltd digitally-signed macro
  • User-friendly and standard-specific document referencing
Technical information
This new functionality is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013 in a Windows environment.
If you require templates that are compatible with earlier or other versions of Microsoft Office – such as for Mac OS X – please contact us.
Which toolkits have been updated?
Coming soon
ITGP toolkits are suitable for organisations of all sizes, types and locations. If a new version of any toolkit is published within 12 months of your purchase, users will receive the new version free of charge. 
Find out more about ITGP toolkits here.
Alternatively, organisations can call IT Governance on +44 (0)845 070 1750 or email servicecentre@itgovernance.co.uk for more information on how IT Governance can help protect their information security.
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