Business Continuity Management offers great value if understood and applied correctly


Business Continuity Management (BCM) can offer great value – both in terms of value for money and stakeholder confidence – to an organisation, but more often than not it’s seen as a drain of resources insisted upon by external regulators or customers.
Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, “Business continuity management is essential for every organisation that is dependent on people, systems and technology, to operate. I cannot think of one that is not. Adverse events will always happen - only a proven approach to business continuity management can help an organisation survive a big disaster and get back to business as usual.
“An on-going process of business continuity and risk management will also help you improve processes and efficiency and leave you better prepared to exploit new opportunities.”
Books are a useful resource for shaping a BCM strategy and creating a business continuity plan (BCP) when budgets are tight. The following books are already popular amongst business continuity professionals:

Everything you want to know about Business Continuity explains what the most effective approach to BCM is and the difference it makes to corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and directors’ contingent liabilities. It can be purchased here:

Business Continuity Management - Choosing to survive shows the reader how to systematically prepare their business, not only for the unthinkable but also for smaller incidents which, if left unattended, could well lead to major disasters. This book can be ordered online at

ISO22301 - A Pocket Guide is designed to help professionals satisfy the requirements of ISO22301, the latest international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). With the expert advice contained in this guide, you can ensure your organisation develops a business continuity plan that is fit for purpose. You can order a copy of this pocket guide online at
Further information on Business Continuity Management and the related international standard, ISO22301, can be found at the IT Governance website at:
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