BugBox - Simplifying PRINCE2™ Issue Management


IT Governance Ltd, the one-stop-shop for IT Best Practice tools and services, has identified the cloud-based BugBox as a key contributor to its clients’ project management successes.

BugBox, the dedicated PRINCE2™ issue management software, solves two persistent project management problems:

1. Controlling ownership, and

2. Fixing issues.

BugBox is simple, robust, and effective PRINCE2 cloud-based software for project teams and managers. BugBox helps the project manager track issues and manage tasks through a simple workflow. Not only is BugBox simple to use, but it follows normal project management processes.

“You can finally dump spreadsheets that don't really work,” commented IT Governance CEO, Alan Calder. “The last thing a project manager needs is complicated software.”

BugBox is accredited as PRINCE2 software by the APM Group. PRINCE2 is a logical, flexible and simple project management methodology invented by the UK Government and now used by many organisations throughout the world. The APM Group manages the PRINCE2 method on behalf of the UK Government. Since launch in 2001, BugBox users now number in the thousands globally.

A 5 minute trial is all you need to understand how BugBox works. In 45 minutes you can be an expert user. There is no need for any PRINCE2 training or qualification.

BugBox is a cloud-based service from IT Governance Ltd, with a free demo, easy signup and immediate online purchase options. Go to http://bugbox.biz/ for more information.

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