Bestselling cybersecurity tool helps fight cybercrime


IT Governance, the single source provider of end-to-end cybersecurity management solutions, has reported that the No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit has become an important resource for small and medium-sized organisations in the fight against cybercrime.

With over 1,000 copies of the toolkit having been sold worldwide already, private and public sector organisations have used it as an invaluable resource to implement an ISO27001-compliant information security management system (ISMS).

Since cybersecurity has become a critical business issue in the last few years, CEOs are increasingly looking at ISO27001 to mitigate the risk of becoming the next victim. ISO27001 is recognised as the international cybersecurity standard and together with the Code of Practice, ISO27002, provide an internationally recognised best-practice framework for addressing the entire range of risks.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, ‘ISO27001 is the future of cybersecurity management. More and more organisations require proof that their vendors have achieved ISO27001 certification or are implementing the standard. In this respect, the role of ISO27001 is twofold. On one side it ensures your intellectual assets are protected thus minimising the likelihood of a data breach and any financial implication arising from it. On the other side, it considerably increases your chances of winning new clients and retaining existing customers.’

The No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit is precisely tailored to the requirements of ISO27001– it doesn’t contain hundreds and hundreds of generic policies (ISO27001 only requires seven), but it does contain exactly the documents that organisations will need in order to achieve ISO27001 certification. The toolkit also includes copies of the three key standards (ISO27001, ISO27002 and ISO27005) as well the latest version of vsRisk™, the software tool that can reduce time for conducting a risk assessment by up to 90%.

The No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit comes with a unique document support service which enables users of the tool to get answers to documentation queries within 24 hours – and at no extra cost. There is also a free updating service meaning that organisations will benefit from 12 months of updates to the toolkit, again at no extra cost.

This toolkit also comes with a free Olympics Policy & Checklist tool if ordered before 25 May 2012. If your organisation is likely to be affected by the London Olympics this checklist will help you avoid business disruption, security threats and supply chain problems. You can get ahead of the games and protect your most valuable assets.

Organisations can purchase the No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit here Larger organisations can make purchases with a purchase order either by telephone +44 (0)845 070 1750 or by e-mail to

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