Bespoke ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 consultancy services help organisations get competitive edge


Organisations increasingly need to improve their IT services in order to retain existing customers and win new ones. In a tough economy, meeting the clients’ expectations is the key to survival. Therefore, companies are rigorously adopting ITIL and implementing ISO20000. Companies like Virgin Media, Oxford University Press, Hewlett-Packard, English Heritage and many other have already certified to ISO20000 (see full list here).

The benefits from ITIL adoption and ISO20000 implementation include; reduced costs, improved customer satisfaction, higher productivity, and moreover, certification to ISO20000 gives a service provider a competitive edge over other providers that do not have certification.

Because each organisation is different, IT managers are challenged not only to understand the principles of the ITIL® framework and the ISO20000 standard, but also to apply this knowledge for their specific organisation.

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, says, “IT Managers have to look at the implementation process from many different perspectives – the customer’s, financial, strategic and operational – and ensure a holistic approach. Our experience shows that clients choose our professional services because they need someone to guide them through the process, and most importantly to help them get it right on the first attempt. It is essential that any changes made to their IT service management systems are bespoke for their organisation.”

IT Governance, the single source provider for comprehensive ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 resources, is leading the way in providing truly bespoke professional services. Unlike other consultancy companies, the IT Governance consultants can tailor their ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 services to meet any requirements.

IT Governance’s clients can chose the type of service they require depending on the stage of their project.


The IT Governance consultant will examine the IT service within the organisation, going into as much granular detail as necessary, helping the IT manager understand what the current state of their IT services is and what the problems are. The consultant will supply a detailed report of the findings, which will contain practical steps that the IT manager can take to improve the organisation’s IT services.

Design and Drafting Support

The IT Governance consultant will design IT services that will have the correct utility and warranty for the organisation and the users. Having worked with organisations during this stage of other ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 projects, IT Governance knows and understands many of the common issues and will help their client to overcome them.

Adoption and Implementation

Once the organisation has written all the policies, procedures and work instructions it has to deploy and implement them. Consultancy support can prove invaluable through this stage to meet internal or external deadlines.

Organisations should be doing this to most of their IT service desks to ensure customer satisfaction, motivated employees, efficiency and growth. Choosing bespoke ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 consultancy services will accelerate the process whilst providing tangible benefits and return on investment.

Find out more about the ITSM, ITIL® and ISO20000 consultancy services form IT Governance here

You can also e-mail IT Governance at or telephone + 44 845 070 1750 to find out, free of obligation, what would be involved in achieving ISO27001 certification for your organisation.

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