Be the first to upgrade ITIL to 2011 edition with a June special offer


IT Governance Ltd, the one-stop-shop for a comprehensive range of ITIL products and a TSO partner, has reported that the ITIL 2011 edition have finally been announced and customers are now able to pre-order both the Service Strategy Publication 2011 edition and the complete ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite 2011 edition from the company’s online shop. By placing their order today customers will take advantage of a special June offer and will ensure that they have their own copy of the books before the first print run is sold out.

ITIL is a constantly evolving framework for the implementation of best practice in the IT service management world. This means that IT (SM) professionals, who want to stay at the forefront of IT service management best practice, will benefit considerably if they upgrade ITIL to 2011 edition.

Although all five core books from the ITIL lifecycle series have been updated, most of the essential changes have been made to the ITIL Service Strategy book with some minor changes to the other four books. The ITIL Service Strategy book provides guidance on how to design, develop, and implement service management, not only as an organisational capability but also as a strategic asset. The updates reflect user feedback from an extensive review process and the result is that information has been presented in a clearer and more concise manner making it easier to read. Customers can pre-order the book now and save £10:

Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, comments  “ The ITIL Service Strategy book is an essential reading for all staff members in an organisation who are responsible for implementing IT service management best practice. We are proud to be the first place in the world to make the update available for purchase and with our June pre-order offer we are most likely the cheapest.”

Customers who are interested in buying the complete ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite 2011 edition can do so here /products/3422 . Buying all five books together brings certain advantages. Readers should find it helpful that definitions have been standardised between the books and have been aligned with the glossary.

The 2011 edition offers much more comprehensive coverage and descriptions of roles and responsibilities, improved process descriptions and are fully aligned with MSP®, M_o_R®, PRINCE2® and P3O®. Customers of the complete suite will save over 29% from the price they will pay if they buy these books individually. Customers who pre-order the books from IT Governance’s website before the end of June will save further £15: /products/3422.

The ITIL Service Strategy Publication 2011 edition is available to pre-order at and the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite 2011 edition at /products/3422 . Larger organisations can make purchases with a purchase order either by telephone +44 (0) 845 070 1750 or by e-mail to

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