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Aligning your business continuity management to the international ISO22301 standard can help retain customers


IT Governance, the business continuity management and compliance experts, are reminding organisations of the growing importance of business continuity management (BCM) credentials for winning and retaining customers.
The 2012 BCI Survey revealed that 33% of the 530 organisations that responded have received a request to provide evidence of BCM when tendering for new business (up from 28% in 2011). Only 19% said they were rarely or never asked for BCM evidence (down from 24%).
At present, ISO22301 is the only certifiable business continuity management standard and as such; it can play an important role in customer acquisition and retention.
Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman of IT Governance, comments, “An ISO22301-compliant BCMS may not yet be a widely adopted contractual requirement, but its importance is growing. Having a BCM plan is helpful, but aligning it to ISO22301 is what it makes it deliver true business value.  Not only can it be integrated with other management systems for operational efficiency, but it’s the ultimate proof to customers and stakeholders that your business is resilient.”
Increasingly, large organisations recognise that there is a significant reliance upon selecting key suppliers to continue providing services and products, otherwise business operations could cease. They are therefore requesting their suppliers to demonstrate that they have effective BCM plans in place.
A survey by KPMG in 2012 found that 49% of respondents' companies do not have visibility of their supply chain beyond tier 1 suppliers and only 9% have complete visibility of their supply chains. To help manage supply chain risk and continuity in the event of unanticipated disruptions, 58% of survey respondents said that their company plans to regionalise or localise their supply chains.
Requiring evidence of ISO22301 certification would remove the need for large organisations to go through the expensive and time consuming process of auditing supply chain continuity which is a big issue. This could maximise the efficiency for all parties involved.
A briefing paper on Business Continuity Management & ISO22301 can be downloaded from www.itgovernance.co.uk/iso-22301-business-continuity-solutions.aspx.
For those who are already in the process of implementing ISO22301, IT Governance offers a comprehensive ISO22301 Training Programme which is designed to meet the level of competence requirements at any stage of the project:
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