Alan Calder, CEO of IT Governance, calls for Cloud security awareness at a Cloud Computing Conference


Alan Calder, cybersecurity guru and Chief Executive of IT Governance, the leading expert for cybersecurity management solutions, is today advising organisations not to take security in the Cloud for granted.

Speaking at the Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference in London, Calder said: ‘Organisations need to be aware that a major Cloud provider is likely to suffer a significant security breach. In order for customers to satisfy themselves that information and continuity risks in Cloud services are under satisfactory control, they need to understand the use of standards, audits and independent certifications’.

Calder continues, ‘Organisations need trained and skilled professionals who can ensure that the Cloud service provider meets the organisation’s security requirements’.

IT Governance has recently launched their EXIN-certificated Cloud Computing Foundation Course which provides an overview of Cloud Computing and its relationship with other areas of information management. This overview is based on a knowledge of the fundamental concepts of Cloud Computing and an understanding of the deployment, architecture and design of a Cloud Computing platform. Places on the course can be booked online here:

Other useful resources for senior management and IT professionals who need to familiarise themselves with security in the Cloud are:

Cloud Computing: Assessing the Risks A new book which discusses the primary concerns of most businesses leaders – the security and risk elements of the Cloud. It also focuses on all the critical components of a successful Cloud programme, including compliance, risk, reliability, availability, areas of responsibility, Cloud Computing borders, legalities, digital forensics and business continuity.

Above the Clouds: Managing Risk in the World of Cloud Computing A primer and strategic guide to identify Cloud Computing best practices and associated risks and help reduce the latter to acceptable levels.

Cloud Security and Governance: Who’s on your Cloud? A handy pocket guide which introduces and discusses the issues associated with Cloud Computing and compliance with standards and regulations.

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