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Evolving governance, risk management and compliance landscape in healthcare

In recent years, developing cyber threats and increased digitalisation of the NHS have put a spotlight on the security systems that keep patient data safe and available.


The past year has seen notable cyber attacks affecting both the NHS and its industry partners, causing widespread disruption for patients. In response to growing threats, a new regulation has been adopted that aims to strengthen data protection for individuals and enforce harsher penalties for organisations that do not comply.

Necessary data sharing between the NHS and its data partners means both sides need to apply equal measures when it comes to cyber security.

Threat facing healthcare and a timeline for compliance

A number of changes will come into effect throughout 2018 regarding the responsibilities and obligations facing organisations that process or manage personal and sensitive data. Pre-emptive action can reduce the impact of these changes, helping to protect organisations from the operational disruption, reputational damage and financial penalty associated with a data breach.

Plan now to minimise your cyber risk and to ensure compliance before the deadline


Delivering and maintaining an ISMS

All cyber security legislation is underpinned by a common set of principles that aim to minimise the risk of a cyber attack, monitor and govern how organisations store data, and allow for the effective use of data for business activities.

The most effective approach to reducing cyber risk and ensuring regulatory compliance is to implement an ISMS (information security management system) that addresses cyber security from three sides – people, processes and technology – and is based on international best practice.

For more information on the benefits of an ISMS, please visit our information page or download our free guide.


IT Governance solutions

Mounting pressure to protect data and comply with international legislation means that cyber security should be a priority for any organisation looking to work with healthcare providers.

Our one-stop shop provides solutions for the most common challenges facing healthcare organisations looking to achieve and maintain a secure information infrastructure and demonstrate regulatory compliance and certification.


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