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IT Governance helps Harino win its regulatory race

This case study shows how IT Governance helped Harino achieve compliance with the Gambling Commission and PCI DSS requirements. IT Governance helped the company address both issues in record time, thanks to an innovative programme of consultancy and security awareness training, paving the way for an eagerly anticipated product launch.

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  • The client – Online gaming company Harino

  • The need – To be awarded a Remote Gambling Operational Licence, Harino had to comply with the Gambling Commission’s many regulations, including 58 information security controls taken from the global best practice standard, ISO27001. Furthermore, in order to process electronic payments from players, Harino also had to comply with PCI DSS.

  • The solution – To meet the demanding deadlines for the project, IT Governance assigned a consultant to work full- time with Harino for extended periods. As Harino was a new business with few existing policies and procedures, the consultant’s task was effectively to build a new compliance regime from the ground up.

  • The benefit – IT Governance’s extensive experience of ISO 27001 and PCI DSS, and how they overlap, enabled it to suggest an innovative approach that would simultaneously meet both sets of regulatory goals.

Just as we have helped Harino achieve compliance with the Gambling Commission and PCI DSS requirements on time and within budget so we can help you. Call us now on +44 (0)333 800 7000.

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