Free PDF download: The Data Breach Survival Guide 

Data breaches happen. How will you respond?

A recent study shows that  one in four organisations will fall victim to a data breach1. This means that the likelihood of your company suffering an incident is becoming increasingly inevitable. The simple fact is data breaches happen – it’s how you prepare for one that determines its impact.

Be the exception to the rule and protect your data, organisation and reputation with a robust data breach response plan.


  • What to do when disaster strikes to meet the personal data breach requirements of the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office); 
  • The key questions the ICO requires you to answer when reporting a data breach;
  • How to undertake effective data breach response management;  
  • The types of precautionary measures you need to implement to protect reduce the impact of a breach; 
  • The six key steps you can take to ensure you meet GDPR compliance requirements in the event of a breach.

1Ponemon Cost of a Data Breach Report 2018

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