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If you’ve had a cyber security incident, every second counts.  

To protect your organisation, it is vital that you respond quickly and follow a systematic, structured approach to a cyber security incident.  

Respond and recover fast with IT Governance’s cyber incident response service.   

Not sure what to do next? 

Your first step is the easiest: bring in the experts now to mitigate the damage and reduce further risks. 

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Take immediate action against a cyber security incident


​Experienced, industry-leading support 

Whatever the type, complexity or severity of your incident, IT Governance can help you contain the situation and determine the most appropriate next steps.  

The right security, right when you need it 

We can help you respond to any type of cyber security incident in a fast, effective and consistent manner – and in line with legal requirements. 

Resourcing and response expertise 

Gain access to an experienced, dedicated technical team who understand how to carry out sophisticated cyber security incident investigations quickly and effectively. 

A total response solution

Whatever your needs, we can help. Our expertise stretches across regulatory frameworks, including the PCI DSS, GDPR, DSP Toolkit, ISO 27001 and other data protection and cyber security laws and requirements.

Here’s how we can help 

Fix hacks and prevent future attacks quickly and efficiently with IT Governance’s Cyber Incident Response Service.

Leveraging our proven four-step incident response management plan we can help you recover from any incident fast.


Our experts perform intensive investigations to gather in-depth technical knowledge about the incident and/or data breach.  

  • Incident analysis
  • Data gathering and initial forensic investigations
  • Scoping and triaging
  • Risk assessment


A dedicated project team will assess the situation as it emerges and initiate plans to contain the damage.

  • Project management 
  • Internal and external communications 
  • First responder notification 
  • Data breach reporting (we can help you assess whether it needs to be reported to the ICO and also take care of reporting to other stakeholders)


We’ll undertake the necessary remediation activities to get you back on track.

  • Remediation planning and project management 
  • Testing and remediation activities  


With the emphasis on knowledge-transfer, we’ll leave you with the knowledge to manage any residual issues and ensure you are effectively armed to ward off any future attacks.

  • Post-incident analysis 
  • Transition to business as usual 

Why organisations trust IT Governance with their cyber security


Available at short notice when time is of the essence 

We’re available whenever you need help, enabling you to react swiftly to data breaches or cyber attacks. 

Experts you can rely on 

Backed by years of cyber security experience and a deep understanding of the challenges organisations face, you’ll be in safe hands.  

End-to-end cyber security and data privacy expertise  

We’re not just cyber security experts. Our team includes a full-service team of data privacy lawyers and consultants to support you through the entire process. 

Here to support you every step of the way 

Our focus is on helping you optimise your existing resources and providing support where you lack the skills and capabilities. Following the incident, we aim to get you back to business, armed with the knowledge to manage your risks and improve your security posture, including post-incident support if you should need to.

If you're experiencing a cyber security incident and need support, 
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