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Cyber Resilience Healthcheck Service

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Is your business able to withstand a cyber-attack?

Have you identified all your cyber risks?

Do you have appropriate information security controls in place?

Are you spending enough to reduce the risks of significant cyber loss, reputation damage and failure – to keep your business turning over?

Our expert consultants will show you, how to best to proactively detect and manage the complex cyber risks and threats that can lead to disaster – based on our extensive experience of cyber security best practice and ISO27001 certification projects. We also show you how to achieve a ‘Business as usual’ stance through a business continuity management system approach.

How does our cyber-resilience service work?

The first step would be for a member of our team of consultants to identify the assets and processes that are critical to the business, including some that may have been identified during recent risk assessment exercises. We would then carry out a cyber-resilience risk assessment, based on the HM Government cyber security profile and reference methodology from ISO27001.

We would then send a qualified and experienced consultant who will work on site with the client’s team to examine each of the ten risk areas (described below) in sufficient detail to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their current security posture. All this information will be consolidated into a tailored, immediately usable action plan that will help you close the gap between recognised good practice and what you are actually doing. It would enable senior managers, including the CIO/IT manager, to ensure that cyber risk management at least matches minimum government guidelines.

The Ten risk areas that would be examined are: 

  1. Board-led Information Risk Management Regime
  2. Secure Home and Mobile Working
  3. User Education and Awareness
  4. User privilege management
  5. Removable media controls
  6. Activity monitoring
  7. Secure Configurations
  8. Malware protection
  9. Network security
  10. Incident Management

An optional Penetration Test would be used to supply additional evidence of your readiness to withstand attack as part of our Cyber Resilience Healthcheck.

Healthcheck Report

The results obtained from the risk assessment would then be used to produce a Cyber Resilience Healthcheck Report, with recommendations for improvements under the headings:

  1. People,
  2. Process,
  3. Technology.

In the case of Technology, there would be ‘outline recommendations for improvements (short, medium-term)’, supported in some cases by the optional Penetration Testing Report.

The emphasis would be on making cyber resilience a topic that everyone in the organisation can understand and work to improve. We would of course recommend our Training, Technical Services, Third-Party Software/Hardware products, and range of Consultancy Services based on ISO Standards.


Our services are always excellent value and cost less than most of our client imagined before they called.

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You need to be sure that you are spending enough to avoid this sort of loss. Your customers, stakeholders and government also need to be sure that you are cyber-resilient. We can show you how.

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