Cambridgeshire against cyber crime

Let’s get back to making history for the right reasons.

Cambridgeshire was recently crowned the UK’s ‘data breach capital’ after cyber crime increased 49% between 2016 to 2018 – the sharpest increase in the country.

Being at the forefront of digital innovation, and a critical hub for the advancement of technology, science, medicine and communications, cyber crime shouldn’t be what sets us apart.

It’s well known that the impact of a cyber attack can be crippling.

Ransomware, web and phishing attacks, and unpatched systems are often cited by IT professionals as the most challenging and prolific threats1however the biggest concern is the risk of the unknown.

Most organisations aren’t aware of their
cyber risk exposure

Research shows that many businesses do not take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from cyber attacks. A PwC report reveals that businesses are ill-prepared to protect themselves, despite being aware of the gravity of such attacks.2

Cyber security that doesn’t break
the bank

As a Cambridgeshire-based company, we understand the challenges local businesses face. We also know that cyber security can be complicated. That’s why we’ve created solutions that are accessible, up to date with the most critical cyber threats, easy to use and don’t cost the earth.

Technical services


Penetration testing

Identify your cyber security vulnerabilities before the criminals do with our CREST-accredited penetration testing services.

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Vulnerability scanning

Scan for thousands of vulnerabilities across your websites, applications and infrastructure, and fix your security weaknesses before criminal hackers find and exploit them.

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Cyber Essentials certification

Prevent around 80% of cyber attacks and win new business with Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

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Training courses


Cyber security training

Learn about cyber security, earn new qualifications and gain in-demand skills with our expert-led cyber security training courses.

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Staff awareness e-learning

Discover our range of cyber security staff awareness courses, from phishing and ransomware to security essentials.

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GDPR compliance solutions


GDPR Compliance – By Design and By Default

This all-in-one solution equips you with the tools to achieve and maintain GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance 

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DPO as a Service

Benefit from a dedicated, independent DPO (data protection officer) for a complete solution to your DPO responsibilities under the GDPR.

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All-in-one solutions


Cyber Security as a Service

Benefit from a dedicated cyber security specialist who will be on hand to help solve your cyber security challenges, including documentation review, staff awareness training, vulnerability scanning, and incident response planning support.

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Privacy as a Service

Professional legal GDPR advice, without the law firm fees. The service includes GDPR documentation review, gap analysis, remedial action planning and unlimited access to the GDPR Advice Service.

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PDF download | Cyber Security 101 – A guide for SMEs

Looking for an introduction to cyber security? Download our free cyber security guide and discover:

  • Common cyber security myths, and how you can avoid taking the wrong decisions;
  • Key considerations for developing your cyber security strategy; and
  • Effective and affordable cyber security measures to immediately start improving your security posture.

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Free webinar | 7 cyber security risks and how to overcome them

Attend our webinar to learn about cyber security risks and how to prepare and protect your organisation. It covers:

  • The top seven cyber risks, and the impact of a cyber attack on Cambridgeshire businesses;
  • Common attack methods in the context of COVID-19; and
  • How to educate your staff to prevent and reduce the impact of cyber crime.

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We’ve been helping Cambridgeshire businesses defend
against cyber crime for 25 years

We’ve helped more than 1,000 Cambridgeshire businesses improve their data security through training, penetration testing, tools and consultancy.

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