You’ve been breached, but who’s to blame? Your staff or you?

Imagine it’s March 1st and your IT manager has just informed you that there’s a virus making its way through the organisations network. This isn’t good news; however your IT Manager is skilled and knows what needs to be done. After a couple days of hard work, and no computer access – the virus has been successfully removed and your IT manager is 100% positive there was no data breach.

It’s now March 4th and the IT Manager has installed very expensive anti-virus/malware software on the network which will prevent something like this happening again.

Skip forward to April 1st and one of your employees is complaining about how the computer mouse keeps moving by itself. Your IT manager digs around and discovers that there is a very malicious virus installed on that PC,  which is used by your accountant, Jim. It’s now April 3rd and your organisations bank account is missing £35,000, your customer’s data is being sold on the internet and the organisation’s future is slipping away whilst the ICO is knocking at your door.

After some forensics, it’s discovered that this breach originated from an email which was sent to Jim. The anti-virus software displayed a warning, but Jim didn’t understand this warning and proceeded on opening the email, leading to the breach.

Game over

Now, where was the problem – Jim’s carelessness? Yes, but is it really his fault?

If Jim hadn’t received basic information security training or training on how to use the new software, what did they expect would happen? Jim is an accountant, not an IT whiz – he requires training, especially as has access to the organisations financial records and bank account information..

The results of the recent survey ‘Board Room Cyber Watch Survey 2013’ show that organisations see their employees as the number one cyber security threat –  but isn’t that just a little bit ridiculous? If you’re aware that they’re a threat, then do something about it. They’re your staff, your responsibility and your risk. An hour of basic information security training will greatly reduce the risk that your staff poses, and it’s much cheaper than you’d expect.

Take a look at our Information Security E-Learning Course, this course will give your staff the knowledge they need to stay safe online thus reducing the cyber security threat. By providing your staff with online training, they won’t need to leave their desks, saving both time and money.

A one to one demonstration of our E-learning environment is available upon request – so what are you waiting for?

Protect your information today, to secure your tomorrow.