Your Progress Through The ITILv3 Certification Scheme

If you have the ITILv3 Foundation certificate and are looking to progress your career, the ITIL Intermediate qualification is the next logical step. The qualifications are organised around two streams, which are:

  1. Lifecycle Stream – this is organised around the five core ITIL publications in the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite. It allows individuals to gain knowledge within the ITIL
    Service Lifecycle.
  2. Capability Stream – the Capability stream is built around four practitioner-based clusters. Each of which allows individuals to gain knowledge around specific processes and roles. Upon completing the relevant Capability stream course, you will receive 4 credits toward your ITIL Expert certification.

Before you take the exam’s you will need to prepare yourself. The ITIL Intermediate Capability Stream Suite includes one copy of each of the Capability stream handbooks, the essential study resources for anyone taking the Capability stream exams.

ITIL Intermediate Capability Stream Suite
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ITIL Intermediate Capability Stream Suite

In addition to being handy study resources, these handbooks can be equally well utilised as out-of-office references. When you are on the move simply refer to one of these handbooks rather than one of the hefty core ITIL manuals.

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