Your personal, life-long ISO 27001 consultant – for under €40!

Our ISO 27001 consultants are:

  • filled with a broad depth of knowledge on ISO 27001,
  • easily accessible – at your beck and call 24/7,
  • complete with over 10 years worth of experience,
  • will disclose top secrets and tricks of the trade to you for no extra cost,
  • small but mighty,
  • and extremely cost-effective at only €35.95!

No, we’re not talking about real consultants, but our Nine Steps to Success guide is the next best thing at a fraction of the cost! 

‘It’s like having a $300/hr consultant at your elbow as you consider the aspects of gaining management support, planning, scoping, communication, etc…’
Thomas F. Witwicki

Written by CEO of IT Governance and ISO 27001 expert, Alan Calder, this book is the the world’s first practical guidance on achieving ISO 27001 certification and the 9 essential steps to an effective ISMS implementation – 9 critical steps that are the absolute difference between project success and abject failure.

This book is the ideal guide for anyone tackling – or about to tackle – ISO27001 for the first time. It gives a clear overview of:

  • how to get management and board buy-in;
  • how to get cross-organizational, cross functional buy-in;
  • the gap analysis: how much do you really need to do?
  • the relationship between ISO27001 and ISO17799;
  • how to integrate with ISO9001 and other management systems;
  • how to structure and resource your project;
  • use consultants or do it youself?
  • the PDCA cycle;
  • the timetable and project plan;
  • risk assessment methodologies and tools;
  • the documentation challenges;
  • how to choose a certification body;
  • and much more.

Completely up-to-date, this ‘consultant’ is one you can’t afford to be without!