Your Cyber Security Project

Internet technologies have revolutionised the way that business is conducted. However, these innovations expose your business to various risks.

Inadequate security can lead to the theft of customer data and, in the event of technological failure or a cyberattack, your business could lose its ability to function altogether. An effective risk management strategy is, therefore, vital to your company’s survival.

Cyber Risks for Business Professionals: A Management Guide Cyber Risks for Business Professionals: A Management Guide

A general guide to the origins of cyber risks and to developing suitable strategies for their management. It provides a breakdown of the main risks involved and shows you how to manage them.

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Cybersecurity standards are an important element in building a strong, resilient information and communications infrastructure. ISO/IEC 27001 is the most significant international best practice standard available to any organisation that wants an intelligently organised and structured framework for tackling its cyber risks. 

As the leading provider of cyber security products and services, we can help you with any aspect of your project:

  • We publish books & documentation toolkits and sell the full range of cyber security standards. Saving you the hassle of shopping around;
  • We are responsible for world’s first certificated programme of ISO27001 education, offering delegates the opportunity to help their organisation achieve compliance and best practice and attain an industry-standard qualification;
  • We’ve created a comprehensive range of staff awareness solutions, an often overlooked element of a well-implemented IT project;
  • Our industry-leading software tools, developed with your needs and requirements in mind, make Information Security Risk Management straightforward and affordable for all;
  • And our team of expert consultants are on tap to help you along the way. From an hour of live-online consultancy or a gap analysis to full certification projects, we focus on transferring knowledge and skill to you and your people, so that you can continue meeting compliance targets after the initial implementation period ends.

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