You Know Your DPA Obligations, Now Let Us Help You Implement Them

Last week the Information Commissioner stated that businesses may be waking up to their obligations under the Data Protection Act. New figures show that 75% of businesses now know the DPA requires them to keep personal information secure – up 26% on last year. However, there were still huge issues on understanding how data should be kept. Additionally the commissioner reported the number of data security breaches in the private sector rose by 58% year on year.

The Commissioner commented: “Businesses seem to know what they need to do – now they just need to get on with doing it. It’s not just the threat of a £500,000 fine that should provide the incentive. Companies need to consider the damage that can be done to a brand’s reputation when data is not handled properly. Customers will turn away from brands that let them down.”

One major area all organisations need to look at in regards to the DPA is the use and storage of data on portable devices. And so we bring you the SafeStick.



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Safestick is the professional choice for securing and managing your organisations portable USB data. The CESG government approved SafeStick features military grade, automatic AES 256 bit hardware encryption and the ability to remotely kill a stick if you lose it.

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Securing portable data is just one part of ensuring you are DPA compliant. You need to understand how you should be handling, processing and storing personal and sensitive data. Only then will you have a full picture of what level of DPA compliance you need in your organisation. If you are responsible for this information in your organisation we recommend our DPA Foundation Course.

On this course you will learn the 8 principles of the DPA, how they relate to your business, how to manage data effectively, how to review your level of compliance and what you need to do to become compliant.

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